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Lead, steel, felt, Persian imitation rug and high definition video
Project exhibited at Ex-Teresa Arte Actual with the support of SOMA Mexico.

The cymbal was born in cultures located in the Middle East; Ottoman culture developed the modern version of the cymbals in the fifteenth century for religious use, and linked to military activities. These instruments were brought into battle with to announce movements and, not surprisingly, the cymbals currently make primary part of the marching bands. This instrument has both its origin ligated to the war, and like all percussion instrument, it is activated by a hit.

The sound of a bullet is returned as an echo, its ephemeral as the wind and as quickly becomes invisible. The vestiges of a story are located in the foundations of another, which in principle it seems contradictory, but ultimately shown identical to its predecessor.  This is the job of the weapon, as contradictory as the mentality that uses it becomes an action with known consequences; in a cycle it becomes destruction for organizing a creative act.

El plomazo is conceived as a sound piece, but the material from which it is made neutralizes the sound that this instrument can do. Each cymbal is made with lead from bullets (warheads) from different locations, both common criminals and security forces based in Mexico City and State of Mexico.