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Project with the collaboration of ArtsCollaboratory, Colombian Ministry of Culture, 32°East | Ugandan artists trust and Wakaliwood.

As the darkness redefines the visuality understood as that unknown, well, this could be the main element of most video games, a narrative where the dark has to be transformed into light to be able to move forward, these areas full of shadows become In the interface that seeks to simulate reality, on the other hand, returning to narrative and obscurity, the foreign presence that allows the 3rd person in video games using this format, allows to give the character, as if it were a dispossessed of thinking the possibility of being handled externally, at which point all ethics are distorted.

As a moral simulator, the idea of freedom is redefined through actions that allow us to unlock the player’s steps, thus, thinking about a place where action occurs allows us to abstract from reality itself.

This video is a representation of a typical scene of an action videogame, taking as scenery some areas of Kampala, capital of Uganda, this staging raises a question in the air and how we understand the reality, trying to imitate the unreal, in that order of ideas, is it possible to develop a world under those rules?

The tour of the car pretends to show different places related to dictatorial regimes through the history of Uganda, such as Kabaka´s Palace (Idi Amin chambers) or Uganda National Mosque, popularly known as Gaddafi Mosque among others.