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Honeysuckle Bower
Pastel pencil on paper
205 x 160 cm. / 80” x 62,9”
Work exhibited in VI Salón de Arte Bidimensional, Gilberto Álzate Avendaño Foundation, Bogotá Colombia

This project investigates the original artwork and mass reproduction across different devices and the way we approach works of art from different media, including printed or even virtual works. Using elementary school supplies, crayons and notebooks, I reproduced painting fragments from different sources; history books, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers or catalogs. Together I created a painting that cited the puzzle fragments coming from different places. The structure of the final image was changed in the process what is reproduced not a painting but different printed pages. The end result is faithful to this method of reproduction; it emphasizes the unity that composes these images in the texts. The point becomes the main element of the composition; on the other hand this conversion between disciplines and the use of the image generates questions about modes of receiving, exhibition and circulation of artistic material. The specific case of the painting raises the rupture between the intermingling of photographic and pictorial language.  


Family portrait
Pastel pencil on paper
130 x 120 cm. / 51,1” x 47,2”
Work exhibited at the XVII Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial, Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico City, Mexico.


The rape of Europe
Pastel pencil on paper
130 x 89cm. / 51,1” x 35”
Work exhibited at the Karen Huber Gallery, Mexico City.