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In a statue of Simon Bolivar (liberator of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia) located in downtown Caracas, Venezuela, through a sickle and hammer I played l’internationale, a song considered official anthem of workers around the world (lyrics by Eugène Pottier and music of Pierre Degeyter)

The symbolic act of play this musical piece on a statue of a representative figure in the public space speaks of the ideological contrast that makes up a lot of power systems in Latin America, claiming through the vandalism with work-related tools a critical review built from resistance to evidence those gaps and fractures that are generated by the inconsistency.

Simon Bolivar became the main banner of the new political project conducted by Hugo Chavez, ex-president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela from 1999 to 2013, the figure of Bolivar was used by Chavez as a personification of what should be the Venezuelan state, similarly, Chavez turn around the Bolivarian discourse to a socialist look; leaving as a result a political pastiche unsustainable, a failed state.